Criminal Defense Investigator

“A lawyer’s performance in the courtroom is responsible for about 25 percent of the outcome; the remaining 75 percent depends on the facts.” Melvin Belli
(7/29/1907 – 7/9/1996)
Every competent legal defense is grounded in hard evidence, whether witness testimony, forensics, or expert testimony.  For a defendant and the defense counsel, obtaining this evidence is crucial in mounting any reasonable defense in a court of law.
                   W.A. Monroe & Associates Investigations
of California, is one of the nation’s fastest rising criminal defense investigative firms.  Our firm specializes in investigating, and assisting counsel in preparing criminal cases through the preliminary-hearing process and/or through jury trails. We pride ourselves on our continued success in proving the innocence of our clients, and by providing irrefutable evidence to overturn and or significantly reduce convictions in appellate courts. We are experts in providing proof of innocence or uncovering reasonable doubt for defense attorneys and pro-se clients. This often culminates in full acquittals or reduced sentences for our clients.

W.A. Monroe & Associates Investigations has investigated well over 50 criminal cases since 2008. We are experienced in criminal, civil and domestic legal matters.  We have provided criminal defense investigations in both State and Federal court matters, conducted personal injury and other civil investigations, and have provided video and still photographic evidence for use in domestic matters such as divorces and child custody hearings. 

Our success with our attorney clients can be directly contributed to the fact that we understand that attorneys can have a great understanding of the law.  They can be artful and skilled in the courtroom.  We know that the experienced trial lawyer understands that their cases are ultimately only as good as the facts gathered by a skilled investigator. Those are the attorneys that win cases repeatedly.
“A good investigator is generally more valuable to a defendant’s case than a good lawyer.” F. Lee Bailey
Our attorney clients contact us first upon taking on a case; they know that our investigators have an intimate understanding of the law, and of criminal procedure.  Our investigators possess a deep knowledge of statutory and case law, local rules of court, civil procedures, forensic sciences, techniques of evidence collection, its preservation, and admissibility.
“A lawyer’s performance in the courtroom is responsible for about 25 percent of the outcome; the remaining 75 percent depends on the facts.” Melvin Belli
We provide critical and essential investigation practices into all aspects of the defense case to include location of witnesses, gathering statements of witnesses, evaluations, evidence collection, review of police records and personnel files, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, trial exhibit preparation, document analysis, and regional canvassing. Additionally, we assist attorneys by reviewing police reports, photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing hostile witnesses, obtaining signed and recorded (court ready, transcribed,) statements, prepare documents for demonstrative, and recommend experts to testify in court. 
acsi doorIn addition to working the guilt phase of a trial we specialize in penalty phase mitigation investigation. We are responsible for the gathering of information and evidence which advance legal theories in order to benefit the client’s case.  As criminal defense investigators, we excel in defending the accused against an adversary that has almost unlimited sources of tax money to pursue the prosecution, whether your client is guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between. 
due-dilligence-investigationsOur firm will help develop that reasonable doubt that wins your clients freedom.  Our trained team of experienced investigators and paralegals will assist you in preparing and developing your defense.  With our combined experience, in conducting complex criminal defense investigations, we put that to work for you when we examine your case.  We bring our firms full leverage of talents to bear on your case so that we can assess and evaluate it from all aspects, and provide you with court ready, concise, accurate, thorough, documents to assist in your defense.
 We accomplish this effectively, by having the training and experience that allows us to recognize where any law enforcement errors or omissions have occurred and ensure that all proper procedures were followed during the police investigation. 
Our Firm prides itself in our investigative personnel.  Our private investigators exhibit the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.  All of our employees undergo an extensive and thorough background investigation that covers not only the basic database searches, but actual in person and telephone contact with previous employers, references, and neighbors to see what type of person our candidate is. This is above and beyond not only what the state requires for its qualification, but it is above and beyond what any of our peers do in selecting their employees.
Our team of professionals include, Criminal Defense Investigators, Legal experts, Investigative Specialists, Specially Trained Research Database Experts and Security Consultants.
We have paralegals on staff that ensure you always receive professional, court ready documents. Our consultants ensure that you receive accurate information, opinion, and testimony.
 Our team of Investigators provide a wide range of civil and criminal investigations for attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public. We know that we can maximize your potential for success by providing the best investigative service in the industry.  Our policy is to obtain accurate, timely, truthful information through legal, qualified, and professional investigative means. 
Our attention to detail, and work ethic set us apart as one of the best firms in the business.  Our company is dedicated not just to meeting the highest standards in our industry, but to setting the bar higher. Our clients are diverse and include major regional, state, national and mufti-national corporations, government agencies, financial and insurance institutions. We believe that the safety and security of our clients, regardless of their size or profit and loss report, is a serious task and it is our responsibility as your service provider to give each of our clients adaptable cost effective solutions to address their specific and dynamic needs. Our long and positive track record reflects the fact that we offer the most discreet and dependable civil & criminal investigative services available.
“ Not one of our clients is the same, so providing the same solution to all of our clients would be an injustice… our clients are unique and our approach to each client is unique.”
While our company offers several services, we are in the business to provide only one product  

Let one of our highly trained professionals help you with your case today!

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  1. The investigator should have a robust faith – and yet not believe. ~Claude Bernard~

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