Forensic Case Review and Analysis

W.A. Monroe & Associates provides our attorney clients with a comprehensive Forensic Case Review and Analysis within 24 to 72 hours after receiving your case information and discovery. We identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, errors, omissions, and leads to be pursued based on police reports, arrest affidavits, statements, evidence lists, etc. 

While every criminal defense case does not require a criminal defense investigation, all of your cases can benefit from our process of case review and analysis, to assist in deciding which cases warrant further professional investigation, to what extent, and which do not.  

Our process facilitates the identification of crucial facts, cross-contamination, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, investigative leads, and alternative theories that tend to be buried and lost within the details of a narrative reporting style. We will identify leads and develop a lead tracking system of “incriminating facts” and “exculpatory facts”, “mitigators” and/or “aggravators”, and construct a timeline of events. We will generate a cast of characters and witnesses and compile them into the initial Forensic Case Review And Analysis report, allowing our client to make every investigative effort to promptly explore appropriate avenues relevant to the case, and develop a defense strategy with evidence to support it. We Investigate so that you can litigate.  

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“The CCDI as an Expert”

“The CCDI as an Expert”

Good  Morning Defenders!

As Board Certified Criminal Investigators (CCDI’s), we represent the industry standard, nationally recognized,  professional standard, in Criminal Defense Investigations. We are experts in the specialty field of Criminal Defense Investigation.  The CCDI is dedicated to the fundamental mission of criminal defense and due process investigation, in defense of the United States Constitution, with emphasis on the 6th Amendment.

The CCDI has demonstrated a mastery of advanced knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education, that  qualifies you to speak in the form of opinion, scientific, technical, and  specialized knowledge to assist the trier of fact in understanding the evidence, and facts pertaining to an investigative effort. 

The CCDI’s testimony in court is based on sufficient facts, data, reliable principles, and methods, relevant to either a specific or non-specific investigative issue.

The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC), provides relevance and reliability, certification and recognition of professional competence, academic excellence, and promotion of the methodology and philosophy unique to defense investigation.  

William A. Monroe, CCDI, CSFI, CFI-FTER

CDITC Faculty and Advisory Board Distinguished Member