Our Responsibility to Mentor


Good Evening defenders!

Our responsibility to teach, and more importantly mentor each other is imperative to upholding the highest standards in Criminal Defense Investigations. How better to encourage dialogue between professional defense investigators and share investigative philosophy, methodology, and principles in our specialty field. One of the things that discouraged me from the specialty of defense investigation in the beginning of my career was the lack of willingness from “Experienced” investigators to mentor me and show me the specifics of defense investigation. I could find any number of investigators that would tell me why they were the best investigator in the state of California, or the best investigator in the country. It was very easy to find investigators that would tell me what a terrible investigator so and so was, and how much better they were than the other guy.

One of my favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin he said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” I was fortunate enough early in my decision to focus primarily on defense investigation, to happen across some very good defense investigators that were not only willing to teach me the science of defense investigation, but they helped me to understand the methodology of sound defense investigation. They showed me through example how to conduct my investigations in an organized, methodical, ethically responsible and procedurally sound manner.

Imparting your knowledge, experience, and thought process only makes you better and your peers better investigators. Continuing to challenge each other, teach and learn from each other is paramount in our efforts in maintaining the tradition of intellectual and academic exchange in an atmosphere which emphasizes innovation, and promotes new learning.

So ask yourself. Which type of investigator are you?

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