CDITC Forensic Science Investigators Academy

Good morning Defenders!

Back to work after an intensive week long certification/training, for my certification as a Certified Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI). The Academy, hosted by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Councils Center for Investigative Studies (CDITC), was one of the best I have attended. I found the course to be, informative, concise, and interactive and would recommend it to any Licensed Professional Investigator, or Specialty Investigator, who would like to learn the ability to interpret and recognize the need for independent expert analysis, facilitate the efforts of forensic science experts, and incorporate the findings of those experts into the investigative process to advance defense theory development. I am honored and extremely excited to have been invited to become a part of the CDITC Faculty and Training Advisory Board. I feel it is imperative as specialists in our field, that we promote excellence through mentoring, training, peer reviews, seminars, and conferences, promoting expert knowledge and expertise within the discipline of criminal defense investigation. There is an art, and science to this.

However, contrary to what some of us may think, or say to each other, everybody is not good at EVERYTHING. You know the guy or gal, the one who will tell you they are an expert at everything. Surveillance, “I’m an expert”. Backgrounds “I’m an expert”. Domestic, “I’m an expert”. Criminal Defense, “I’m an expert”. I tell people all of the time, I may not know EVERYTING but I know a whole helluva lot of stuff about SOME things. I am an expert in Criminal Defense Investigation; My specialty is capital case mitigation, police procedure and use of force, K-9 search and seizure, and K-9 narcotics and explosives detection. I am a facilitator I can make large scale investigations, with multiple investigators, witnesses, and moving parts go. I can bring a team of different individuals together and galvanize them around a central goal. I am a specialist, a warrior, a gladiator, in search of the truth. Although I cannot be the best at everything, I do have a pool of over 300 CCDI’s in the world stretching from Guam to London at my disposal who are experts in just about anything I will ever need. If I can’t do it I know a Guy, or Gal who can. I also know that the professional Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator shares my same philosophy, my same methodology, and the need to standardize and develop an investigative philosophy and methodology specific to the discipline of criminal defense investigation. If you are not utilizing your fellow Investigators in your cases, you should be. The goal should always be to provide the client with the MOST comprehensive, impartial, search for the truth we can provide them. Be safe Defenders!