Thank You!

I am honored and privileged to accept my certification as a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator from The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council Center for Investigative Studies (CDITC). Today I am honored to join the ranks of only 8 in the state, and 300 nationally, of the finest public defender investigators and private investigators in the nation. I feel rejuvenated, fresh, and ready to continue to absolutely, and unconditionally, pursue the objective and impartial search for truth! It was a special treat to have the National Director of the CDITC, my esteemed colleague, and friend Brandon Perron award my CCDI to me personally at the ELITE training in Campbell California this weekend. I would also like to thank the great folks at the (California Association Of Licensed Investigators (CALI) Cris Reynolds the President, C.W. Sellers the East Bay coordinator, for having my wife and I. If that was not enough I also had the distinct pleasure as one of my first duties as a CCDI, to present Ms. Francie Koehler another colleague that I admire and respect, who is also the host of the radio show PI’s Declassified, her CCDI board certification from the CDITC. I am ready more than ever to protect and defend the constitution and my client’s rights to fair trial under the law, defending the 6th Amendment one case at a time!