Attorney’s, Paralegals, and Investigators Oh My!

The decision to focus my attention on Criminal Defense Investigations has been one of the best decisions I have made as an investigator. My education, background, and experience have prepared me for this specific specialty area of investigations.

Private Investigators come in all kinds of different flavors. Any firm or investigator that tells you they are a “One stop shop” or “Full service investigations company,” should make you very wary. I realized fairly early in my career that surveillance was not my thing. Sitting in a vehicle for hours watching someone’s residence is just not my forte. I’m not good with cameras and camera equipment, I can operate it, I can get done what needs to be done, but it’s not what I am good at. As difficult for me as it is to admit, I am not an expert at everything! As it is, with any multi discipline profession, we simply can’t know, and be good, at it all.

I am best at uncovering the truth. I am best at knowing what the rule, regulation, instruction, and or legal requirements are that are most applicable to a situation and ensuring that everyone has followed those requirements in the performance of their jobs. My strength is in the planning, organizing, and collection of, accurate, reliable, legal, information and providing that information to my client in a timely manner.

A few months ago a couple of my local attorney clients, asked me to put on a little 20 minute lunch presentation on the relationship between the defense attorney, the defense investigator and the defense paralegal.

Being fortunate enough to be married to a seasoned defense paralegal, and having two others on my staff, I think I can offer a unique perspective from an investigators standpoint, that will help the three co-exist and meld into a prepared, focused, team of professionals armed with the most accurate information that can be obtained to assist the client.

Most of the Attorney’s whom I have come into contact with, and a large number of paralegals right off the bat, ask exactly what it is that we do, believe that or not! I spend the majority of my first consults with attorney clients explaining what I do, and listening to them say

“I didn’t know you could do that!”

With that said I have decided to discuss the subject in a part-series blog entry on our blog page located here

I plan on making it a 5 part series that will cover areas that will give attorneys, paralegals, and investigators a blue print for successful litigation.

One comment on “Attorney’s, Paralegals, and Investigators Oh My!

  1. Hap Mendez says:

    After reviewing your extensive backround, I have to say I was most impressed with the statement, “We go above and beyond…” I had to chuckle at the Word for Today by F. Lee Bailey, knowing fair-thee-well it’s true!

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